Pastor Dwayne Eslick grew up in the city of Miami and by sixth grade had been arrested twice. Dwayne was headed quickly down the road of juvenile delinquency until he met a group of Christians who reached out to him and his single mother. He made a serious commitment to follow Christ at the age of 13. Ever since, his main passion has been to help others have a relationship with Jesus Christ. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute, he went on staff at New Life Community Church in 1998, at their first location on the south side of Chicago.

For 15 years he served as a youth pastor at that location, leading hundreds of youth to the Lord. In late 2011, God called Dwayne to plant the 15th locations of New Life in the NE corner of Chicago. God brought together New Life Community Church - Rogers Park, a vibrant congregation that reflects the diversity of a neighborhood famous for its ethnic, racial, and cultural diversity on Chicago's north side.

Beyond his youth ministry and church planting experience, Dwayne has served has served on staff as a mid-west representative for the My Hope Campaign of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. Dwayne's wife, Cecilia, grew up on Chicago's south side and has worked with young girls and ministered to women for over 20 years. Together they have four beautiful children.

While Dwayne was a high school student he served as a leader in a Christian club at two Miami-Dade County High Schools.  There he gained a passion for bringing believers in Jesus together in united efforts to spread the gospel and to pray for God's people to flow in God's power.  As a youth pastor he spearheaded The Youth C.U.R.E. that brought together over 20 youth groups from different churches and over 300 youth and leaders for united prayer meetings.  As a church planter in NE Chicago he also spearheaded prayer and worship gathering that have brought together over 300 people from 15 different churches.   United Prayer among true believers in Jesus Christ remains a key passion of his life. 

Another great passion is sharing his testimony and the Word of God.  In book of Revelation it says the End Times believers overcame the enemy by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb.  The powerful message of Jesus shedding his blood for the forgiveness of our sins revolutionized Dwayne's life at a young age and he has traveled to over 10 countries on 20 mission trips sharing his testimony and the Word of God and plans to spread this message of hope until the day he sees Jesus face to face.